Mother & Daughter Designed Invitation and Printables

Hello! Welcome to our shop :)

We are a mother and daughter team living just across the river from Philadelphia in NJ. Ever since my daughter, Becca, was about 3 (she’s now 15), we have been doing arts and crafts together. We love making just about anything!

While stuck at home because of a sick heart, I started this shop with my daughter as a way to spend some quality time and to bring in a little money together. On April 9, 2013 I received a heart transplant, and I’ve been on a very rough road since then - but am so happy to have this shop to both bring in some income and keep me engaged and active while recovering at home.

I love graphic design and obtained a BFA from Rowan University, NJ. I’ve always loved working with children, but my health doesn’t allow me to do that kind of work right now. That’s why, after originally selling mainly homemade craft items, we refocused our store on making digital party invitations, accessory printables and other custom printable materials at the end of 2014. With this kind of design work, I get to make kids happy with what I can do by helping to give them the best birthdays and other special events they could want.

My daughter Becca is currently a sophomore in high school. Someday, she wants to be a nurse – she hopes to work with children too. As a super-active kid constantly getting involved with numerous new activities, she hasn't had the time to be as big a part of the shop as she used to, but I have been able to teach her some of what I know about design. We hope to have new creations she’s created herself listed here and there.

Our invitations, paper party supplies, flyers and other paper printables are custom-designed and totally digital for you to print at home or your local print shop. Every day we are expanding our shop new items, themes and packages, so check back often to keep up with what’s new.

Hope you find something you like in our shop!

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